I'm Jonathan, I'm twenty one, and I'm having a mad, passionate affair with every book I've ever read.

I went out for drinks on Thursday night, barely drank the amount it would usually take me to get drunk, and spent literally all of today sweating out, crying and vomiting on the bathroom floor. 

And now I leave for London in five and half hours, the house is a state, I’ve not packed up any of my things and I am hairy as hell. And I still feel sick. 

It’s hard to work out how much money you “have” when you’ve spent months dealing in negative figures. 

artmastered asked: Hi Jonathan, I had a read of your Virginia Woolf NPG exhibition review (you posted about it in a comment on my own review!) Really fantastic stuff! I, too, loved the engagement note to Lytton Strachey. I wish there'd been more little gems like that that gave a glimpse of Virginia's character. Helen

Thank you Helen, it means a lot to me that you read it! Yes, I really enjoyed the little quips they included in the exhibition that I really feel sum up the character of a writer that is often misconstrued as being entirely morose and suicidal. She had such a habit for humour and gaiety that is upsettingly overlooked a lot. And thank you very much for the follow! Your blog is absolutely wonderful (as you’ve probably garnered from the likes!) 

For anyone else who would like it read it, here is my review of the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition, ‘Virginia Woolf: Art, Life, and Vision’. 

" The most important thing is not to think very much about oneself. To investigate candidly the charge; but not fussily, not very anxiously. On no account to retaliate by going to the other extreme — thinking too much. "
Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary

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" Lord Byron, no "
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" Although barely out of adolescence…[Shelley] was, in 1813, an ardent radical and anti-monarchist. Physically, he was rather odd, tall and slim to the point of limpness, with a high-pitched effete voice; but what he lacked in physical bulk he more than made up for in charismatic intensity. Among the earliest witnesses to this intensity were his school fellows at Eton, where he was sent by his landowning father when he was twelve. Initially he was bullied for his refusal to ‘fag’ for older boys, but the bullies soon discovered that in spite of his feeble frame, Shelley was not a boy to succumb quietly to taunts. On the contrary, he could be terrifying when roused, and was quite capable of reciprocal acts of violence. He stabbed one tormentor’s hand with a fork, and others remembered him as an almost unearthly creature, with flashing eyes, wild hair, and deathly white cheeks. "

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that’s it. that’s Romanticist scholarship.

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